Microburst Solutions Inc.

Welcome to MicroBurst Solutions , we aim to solve your IT management and support needs. Microburst solutions is customized for each client to meet all your IT and business needs including ongoing monitoring, management, support and planning of your IT systems, as well as support for your employees using those systems

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Web Services

  • Website Design and Development

  • Website Deployment and Development

  • Web and System Maintenance

  • Custom Graphics & Multimedia

Support and Management

  • Desktop and Data Backup

  • Data Acquisitions Systems

  • Database Management

  • Desktop and Server Backups

Staffing Services

  • Temporary

  • Temporary to Hire

  • Professional Placements

IT Services

  • Desktop Maintenance

  • Server Maintenance

  • Network Operations & Maintenance

  • Network Security

Web, Data and Information Technology Services

Microburst solutions caters and provides IT support services to businesses and non-profits nationwide. Our services are designed to help the business owner Grow and effectively manage their businesses they've worked so hard to build.

We specialize in managed services such as web frame-work production, networking solutions and other technology consulting services tailored to the unique needs of our clients both locally owned and locations nationwide whether that's providing IT support to your employees, backing up your data, or developing software that brings helps enhance your business.

With Microburst solutions services, you are guaranteed our full commitment and service that delivers profitable success.

Our web development service company in collaboration with our partners provides rich and innovative websites to meet our clients needs. Our team of developers and designers use standard tools to create a unique and usable website for all our clients

We provide daily and monthly backups of data along with custom server and desktop backups along with database management and maintenance.

We also provide software development and management services that meet our clients needs to maximize their business productivity.

Microburst solutions will caters to all your IT management and support needs.

Our clients are guaranteed constant monitoring, management, support and planning of IT systems and infrastructure

Partners & Clients

Microburst Solutions develops and maintains cost-effective, business-enabled, available, optimized, IT solutions for our clients. We have partner and clients in various fields to ensure our clients always benefit from the right solution to their business needs.

NOAA CESSRST (formerly CREST) Center, NY

The Center’s research focuses on all aspects of remote sensing - sensor development, satellite remote sensing, ground-based field measurements, data processing and analysis, modeling, and forecasting. CREST recruits and train undergraduate, masters and doctoral students with a main focus on unrepresented minorities in NOAA related sciences and thus help increase the diversity in NOAA workforce.

CUNY Remote Sensing Earth Institute

The institute is an internationally recognized research collaborative for advancing Earth System Science and Engineering through State-of-the-art Technologies. The institute aids the development environmental information and technical capabilities needed for research on processes affecting the Earth System at multiple scales and for planning a sustainable society by compiling Remote Sensing Observations and Modeling Resources into set of Scientific Investigations and Data Products and by supporting the Educational Mission of the University, all in partnerships with Researchers, Technology Companies, Local, National and International Organizations


MEGA Engineering, Inc., a consulting engineering firm, offers complete engineering, surveying and civil related services to public and private sectors. MEGA Engineering, Inc’s marriage of advanced equipment and technology with hands-on project management has served us well.

Jordan Logistics

Jordan Logistics is New York based logistics company , with a vast library of knowledge and experience, we provide the flow of soft goods across the United States. Our primary companies we serve through our customers are Redcats. USA, Charming shops, Hanes, Seventh Avenue, Hanover Direct, Jordan Industries pride ourselves at being flexible to handle any kind of situation.

AJF Logistics

AJF Logistics has 35 years of combined experience in the shipping of soft/hard goods, and has a vast library of knowledge and experience at our fingertips while working with you in this crucial link in the supply chain. Through our customers we work with major retailers, catalog companies and E-commerce websites.